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Get the Highest Return for Your IT Assets

At Left Field Securities, our mission is to transform your company’s IT Asset Disposition from a cost center into a revenue source.

We provide Free Pickup and Inventory of your assets, Free Storage, Free Insurance, Free Data Destruction service with documentation, and our global distribution network generates monthly revenue based on sales and recycling for you.

Contact Left Field Securities today, and transform your company’s ITAD process.

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How it Works

Intake Process

We handle all required logistics, insurance and handling to bring the assets into our processing center. Each asset gets unique identifiers recorded and tracked so that throughout the process, transparency is preserved.


During processing the asset is prepared for resale. The first step is ensuring that any drive is either destroyed or wiped depending on client preferences. Destroyed drives are issued a certificate of destruction and the asset is rated on quality and ability to resell. Asset types get different processing treatment, some are even disassembled to ensure maximum revenue on resale.


While each asset type has a unique resale network that is used, the end goal on each sale is that the assets find their way to the buyers with the highest need and purchasing capabilities.


Our clients favorite step. Left Field Securities transparent process leaves our clients with a positive cash flow on asset disposal. Each asset is reported on unit sale price, date and quality. Left Field Securities cut is clearly outlined and all other cash is send to our clients on a monthly basis.